TalkSpot has a no tolerance spam policy. We monitor customer mailing activity and the importation of large subscriber lists. Any customer found to be in violation of our terms of service website access will be immediately shut down. If you know of any spammers on our system or any violations, please notify use immediately at

What constitutes Spam?

Spam is unsolicited email known as Unsolicited Commercial Email or UCE. Only by sending to subscribers who have asked to receive email are you following the email guidelines.

Are there laws against sending Spam?

Yes, the federal anti-spam (CAN-SPAM Act of 2003) law went into effect on January 1st 2004. The federal law preempts all state laws. While this law does not stop spam it does make most spam illegal. The law specifies the requirements to send commercial email and allows the federal government to enforce the law with fines and/or imprisonment.

How do I protect myself from being labeled as a Spammer?

The following list are things that will most likely get you labeled a Spammer and banned from
1. Importing a list of emails that was purchased.
2. Sending email to a list of subscribers where the bounce rate is high due to bad email addresses.
3. Sending email from a non-specific email address like:,, or other general email addressed
4. If you are sending to anyone who has not explicitly signed up for or agreed to join your mailing list.
5. Using fake or falsified email address in the sent from line.
6. You are continuing to send email to users who have unsubscribed.
7. Sending to distribution list or mailing list which forward emails to other list of users.
8. Sending emails to list that do not include a unsubscribe footer. includes a unsubscribe in all blog and newsletter correspondence.
9. Using misleading subject lines.
10. Sending unsolicited email reselling a product as an affiliate or marketing campaign.
If you answer YES to any of those you will most likely be labeled a Spammer and banned from If you have an questions on this you can contact