Posting articles to Facebook (Older Blog Widget)

One of the great things about social media is the ability to share content with friends. Our blogging tools have the ability to post images and snippets of you blog articles directly to your timeline or if you have an interest page (business group etc) to your pages time line.
What we'll be covering in this article is how to connect to either your Facebook account or you Facebook Page. When posting to a Facebook account you'll be posting directly on your personal timeline, if you have a Facebook Page you will be posting to the Pages timeline which you can then share on your own timeline.
1. Connecting to Facebook Account
2. Connecting to Facebook Page
3. Sharing your blog Article
4. Editing your snippet.
Here is what a shared article looks like on posted to the Facebook Timeline.
[Image Posted Article]dd
1. Connecting your Facebook Account to
Once you have your first article written and ready to share you'll need to connect your Talkspot hosted site to your Facebook account.
Step 1: We recommend that you sign into the Facebook Account you want connected to your blog before starting the authorization process. You can sign in during the authorization process but making sure you're signed into Facebook first will make the process go quicker.
Step 2: Go to your website blog page and click Edit
Step 2
Step 3: Go to the "Social Media Options"
Step 4: Click "On" and enter the email used to log into Facebook
Step 5: Enter the email address you use to sign into Facebook if you want to post to a Facebook Page instead of you personal timeline you will need to add your page URL. The format will be "" add it just below your email address in the Page URL box.
Step 6: Click the green "Save" button in the lower left side of the admin page.
Next you will authorize and post your first article to Facebook.
Step 7: Navigate to the article you want to share and go into the article editing screen.
Step 8: In the editor click the "Share Button" This will show you the different ways you can share your article. You can Email it to your subscribers, share it on Facebook or share it to Twitter.
Step 9: Edit your article details and submit


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