What are my email settings

There are a myriad of email clients (programs) and hand held devices which can be used for email management. TalkSpot does not have the resources to offer troubleshooting and/or specific instructions for each of them. We offer the general settings to connect.

Depending on the program or handheld device you use you will need some or all of the following information to set up your email clients.
Our mail servers use an IMAP connection (Allows multiple devices and connections at the same time) to send and retrieve your email.
IMAP email connections settings:
  • Your Name (or the name of the email account):
  • Your Name (orYourDomainName.com)
  • Your Domain Name: YourDomainName.com
  • Your Email Address: YourName@ YourDomainName.com
  • Your Password: ********
  • Incoming Mail Server: (IMAP): mail.YourDomainName.com
  • Outgoing Mail Server: (SMTP): mail.YourDomainName.com
  • Your outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication: Activated
  • Incoming Server (POP3) Port Numbers: 143
  • Outgoing Server (SMTP) Port Numbers: 25 (You can use Port 587 if port 25 doesn't work)
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