How do I edit blog tags? (Blog1 tutorial)

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Firstly, it is important to understand that these article tags within the Blog1 Widget work in conjunction with the Tag Cloud Widget which is a completely separate widget with its own placement.  When you create a tag and then associate it with an article the association is made but the tag won't physically show up on the website as potential SEO contributions until the Tag Cloud Widget is added to a page.  The Tag Cloud Widget can be placed on any page or multiple pages.
There are two ways to edit your cloud tags:
The first is within your blog articles. You'll see below your editor a "Tags" option. If you click Edit it allows you to add new tags or select from existing tags.
To start adding new tags just start typing in the tag editor. If you want to select from existing tags click the "Select from all Blog Tags" button below the current article tags list. Below is a screen shot of editing them.


Editing Existing Tags

Here is a short video on editing your blog tags
If you want to edit or add existing Tags you can use the "Blog Tags" link on the Dashboard.
On the Tag Management page you can edit, remove or add new tags.
For more information on the tags and how they work with the Cloud Tag Widget Click Here

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