How do I manage blog comments? (Blog tutorial)

In the Blog hosted blog widget comments are manged through the Disqus commenting system.
  • Disqus is a blog commenting manager that allows to moderate comments made on your blog.
  • It helps makes your website spam free and automatically adds "no follow" tags to every comment.
  • You can allow for guest comments or require everyone to be signed in to post a comment.
  • Earn money from it too by using Discovery option; it will start showing ads near comment field.
Learn more about Disqus Here
If you do not have a Disqus account you will need to sign up
Here is a tutorial on setting up Disqus comments for your blog.
If you have done a Blog Conversion from the old-style to the new-style, and you have comments that need to be transferred over, please follow the instructions in this Support Article.

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