How do I upload images to my blog? (Blog1 tutorial)

It's simple to upload images to your blog articles. Follow these easy steps and you'll have your images place in no time.
Step 1: Click the link "Manage Media Items" on your blog articles page.
Step 2: Click "Add Media" to select the type of content you want to add.
Step 3: Click "Image" to upload image files.
Step 4: Click "Select Files" to launch the file explore to navigate to your local image files.
Step 5: Navigate to your images on your hard drive or device select all the images you want to upload then click "Open".
Step 6: You will see all the files showing in a list in your uploader, click the "Upload" button to upload all your images.
Step 7: Click the "Done" button to return to your article and add the images.