How do I connect my Disqus account to my blog? (Blog1 turorial)

The first thing you will need to do is create an account on Disqus. In this tutorial I'll take you through the basics of connecting your accounts.
To access Disqus Sign Up, visit this link:
Step 1
Create a Disqus account. You will need to fill out the User Name, Email and Password fields. Then proceed to the next step.
Step 2
Next you will create a Site Name and set your Disqus address. The Disqus address is where others can follow comments in their account.
Step 3
Acknowledgement of comments and native ads, just read and click “Yes, I understand…”
Step 4-1
Once you Finish the registration you will be taken to your Disqus account. In this step you will proceed to set up your account to connect to your Blog1 blog. You will want to step thorough the platform setup - we have already set that up within the blog widget - and click on 'Configure Disqus'.
Step 4-2
Here is where you set up your sites preferences. The first item you will edit is under "Configure Disqus for Your Site" you will need to add your Website Name and Website (URL).  If you have your own domain name, you will enter your address as it appears in your browsers address bar, if you have a domain with in it, then you will enter it as
Step 5
Next there are two items we recommend you edit under "Community" on the Basic setting panel.
From the screen below click on 'Settings' and then click on 'Community' from the left menu. 
When you get to this screen you only have 2 boxes to check. To take advantage or comment by email you will want the option "Guest Commenting" checked. Another option to check is "Links in Comments" which allows you to moderate comments when someone tries to post a link in a comment.
Step 6
Now that you've set up your Disqus account you can connect it to your blog. Go to "Blog Setting > Comment Setup" and click "Request Permission from Disqus"
Step 7
Click the Allow button to allow your account to connect to Disqus.
Step 8
The final step is to check to ensure your blog is connected to Disqus. . Go to "Blog Setting > Comment Setup" and you should be able to see that your blog is indeed connected.
You can have multiple sites and blogs all managed under the same Disqus account. If this applies to you, click the "Select" link next to the Disqus profile you created.
If you have done a Blog Conversion from the old-style to the new-style, and you have comments that need to be transferred over, please follow the instructions in this support article:

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