How do people find my website?

    To be found on the web the first two steps are:
  • Get a Domain Name - The first step in having people find your site is subscribing and picking out a domain name. When you start a site on you are given a sub-domain ( which allows you to set up your site for free but you can't market a sub-domain name. This is where you need upgrade and pick out your own domain (
  • Turn On Your Website Visibility (for search engines)  - Once you have your domain name you can turn on indexing for your site. Here is a video tutorial showing how to turn on your website's visibility:
Once you've completed the first two steps there are four main ways people will find your website.
  • Traditional Marketing - Word of mouth is still the one of most powerful methods of getting the word out about your website to begin with. It's the first step in developing traffic for your site.
  • Search Engines - gives you the tools and information you need to make your site recognized by search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Use the SEO tools located at the menu path "MORE  > UTILITIES > SEO"
  • Add Keywords and Descriptions to all the pages on your website -  to add keywords and description click MORE > PAGES > RENAME. In the description provide a summary of what is on that web-page, in the keywords add phrases that relate to your website and competitors websites in your industry.
  • Email - Keep in touch with the world, as you travel around it! Encourage your friends, family and other members of the community to register to your site. You can email them newsletters, collections of photographs, and your blog entries to keep people up to date with you!
  • Social Media- This is an incredible way to reach out to your customers to keep them abreast of new happenings, deals, etc. It's the fastest way to get messages directly to your followers. Harness the power of social media!