How to upload and download files via FTP at Talkspot?

Talkspot FTP Overview
When downloading or uploading using this system it is important to understand that you are connecting via FTP to a shared directory at Talkspot.  In other words, other Talkspot customers are also using the same shared directory to transfer files. So, the scenario of this system in action is one where you download files from your Talkspot website to the shared directory and then you use a standard FTP program to FTP those files from the shared folder to your local hard drive. You are given the directory name from which the downloads and uploads are transferred to and from.  This directory can be considered the root folder of any FTP transfers. When downloading, the system has a subdirectory setting, so for example, if you wanted to download your images directory you would simply enter "images".  Entering "images" in this input box will then reference a download from /123456/images/ where 123456 is an example customer directory but represents the customer's identification number in the system.  Additionally, uploads also occur through the folder /123456 but uploading alone will not create your directory therefore you would have to do this manually if uploading before downloading anything.  The download will automatically create your directory but uploading will not and will need to be manually created.
FTP Instructions Summary
Below are instructions to download files and upload files to your Talkspot website:
1) Select the "Download" radio button option
2) Enter a "Sub-directory" folder name to download files from (example: images)
3) Click "Transfer files" button
4) Configure your local FTP program to connect using the credentials shown
5) Connect and download the files to a local folder
1) Using credentials shown FTP to the location and ensure that your customer id numbered folder exists
2) If your numbered folder does not exist locate your customer number by looking at the Directory field value at "Files > Upload/Download Files with FTP" or by going to "Dashboard > Account > Billing Status" and find the Customer # located on the right side of the page
3) Create the numbered folder if it does not exist
4) Using your local FTP program upload your files to the numbered directory
5) Select the "Upload" radio button option
6) Click "Transfer files" button
7) Verify the files were transferred successfully by going to "Edit Site > Files > Manage Files"