How to configure and add a Payment Widget to your website? (tags: e-commerce, Money Widget, Paypal)

The Payment Widget is a simple way to add a payment button to your website. One of the great features of the Payment Widget is that you can setup recurring payments for fundraising, donations or services rendered.  The Payment Widget accepts most major credit cards and uses Paypal to process the transactions. After a simple account configuration you can add a button to your site and you will be instantly set-up to collect payments for any product, service or charity.
Payment Widget Configuration Fields
  1. Name as it will appear on billing records: This field is important and will be used in many places for a variety of reasons. It is important to give it a meaningful name. It is the name of the Payment Widget. If anyone waves their mouse over the button for more than a moment, a “tooltip” will appear, showing the name of the item. When a customer clicks the button, within the first pages of PayPal, this will be listed, along with the charge and terms of payment.
  2. Item Number:  This is an optional field for your own organization records. It is not a requirement of the system.
  3. Price (if a single fixed amount):  Is applied to a button. It is a single, set amount. It is for something like a painting, a door knob or a single, non- configurable widget. It’s a set price, without options.
  4. Price (customer selects from list, or enters value):  Is an option where you can choose to offer a variety of prices, from a single button.
  5. Select a default currency: Choose the currency you wish accept for your product or service.
  6. Allow customers to enter their own price: This is useful for partial payments and donations made by customers for amounts that do not require to be a set price.  (This does not work with subscriptions or recurring payments)
  7. I want to offer a Trial Period: Toggle this switch to initiate a trial period.
  8. Require a shipping address: Toggle this selection on if you want shipping to be added to the charge(s).
  9. Shipping: This field is a flat rate charged for shipping the product if applicable.  Shipping will be added to any product you choose to add it to. So, if you have a “Wine of the Month” club and add a $3.00 per month shipping charge, it will be added to the total, each month.
  10. How many times to charge the selected amount:  There are 4 options for collecting money for each button.
  • One Time: Will charge a single time and never charge again.
  • Weekly: Will charge every week until your customer cancels through their account or you choose to stop charging them through your account.
  • Monthly: Will charge every month until your customer cancels through their account or you choose to stop charging them through your account.
  • Annually: Will charge every year until your customer cancels through their account or you choose to stop charging them through your account.
Trial Periods
Selecting either Weekly, Monthly or Annually subscription options enables the ability to select and define trial periods. Use trial periods with subscriptions to promote specials for goods or services your business may provide. Trial periods are an excellent way to entice people to your site and promote new sales.
Trial Period Rules/Features
Trial Period intervals range depending on the subscription renewal option selected:
  • Week - allowable range is 1 to 52 weeks
  • Month - allowable range is 1 to 24 months
  • Year - allowable range is 1 to 5 years
To create a FREE trial simply enter 0 into the “Charge $” entry field.
When creating a pricing structure for the trials, there are two options:
  • Free ($0.00)
  • Anything less than the price of the subscription, but more than the value of $.06 x the number of periods in a trial.
Acceptable Examples:

$.18 for a 3 week trial– at minimum.
Free Trial for 4 weeks.
$3.12 for a 52 week trial
$10.00 for a 2 week trial on a subscription valued at $20.00 a week.

NOT Acceptable Examples:

$.01 for a 2 week trial
$.02 for a 2 week trial
$100 for a 1 week trial on a subscription valued at $10.00 a week.

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