How to embed raw HTML, CSS and Javascript code into my Talkspot webpage?

There are essentially two ways to work directly with HTML, CSS and Javascript code on a Talkspot website:
  1. Use the Javascript widget.  It is that simple.  The Javascript Widget requires that you do enter opening and closing <script>...</script> and <style>...</style> tags but this widget dumps the given code where-ever dropped in a drop zone.
  2. The Text Widget or any widget that has source code accessible through the Rich Text Editor (RTE) can be used to embed code directly.  When using the source button in a RTE you will need to save the source and then click the save button on the Rich Text Editor itself and then exit to leave the RTE.  So, to reiterate, if you are dealing with source code in one of the RTE then do realize the operation to make a save would be click Save, click Save and click Exit.
Note: When editing the source code in the RTE please understand that the RTE will reformulate your code to a degree so this option is not 100% iron-clad.

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