How do I control the URL portion or address line for a new page when it says "unnamed"?

If you add a new page the system will create a page called "unnamed" with a date appended.  Then typically the customer will rename the page to something like "Dog parks" which should become "dog-parks" in a portion of the URL for example.  The URL for that page will continue to be instead of the more SEO friendly and expected  Therefore how do I obtain the more SEO friendly version?
To resolve this issue you can adjust the address line portion for each page by editing the form found in the SEO section:
  1. Go to menu location Dashboard > SEO > Launch SEO Tools > (S)earch (E)ngine (O)ptimization
  2. Use pagination numbers at the bottom of the page and the scroll bar to locate the the new page entry
  3. Edit the "Page URL" field
  4. Click "Save changes" on the top left button menu
  5. Click Exit
  6. Go to editor and test the page in question

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