How to add or remove email addresses from your SmarterMail alias lists?

In the SmarterMail software email addresses that forward to other email addresses are known as Aliases.  To add or remove email addresses to and from the SmarterMail alias account please follow these steps:
  1. Get the credentials for your administrative account where the username is like where is set to your own domain name
  2. If you have forgotten your password please email with pertinent information to validate your account such as the last four digits of the credit card on file or an administrative email found at "Dashboard > Account > Website Administrators" after logging in.
  3. Login to SmarterMail located at
  4. Click the Settings menu item (Located on the left menu second item from the bottom)
  5. Click the Domain Setting's plus sign
  6. Click Aliases (Located as the 3rd item under the Domain Setting menu tree)
  7. Edit the alias in question
  8. Add or remove email addresses from the list showing
  9. Click Save