How do I Backup or Restore my website?

What is a "Backup" and how do I save my site?
A "Backup" is a saved version of your website.  It is a wise thing to do, from time to time, especially prior to making any big changes to your site.  It creates copy of your sites current state at the time of the backup, allowing you to proceed without fear of making a mistake.  If you do make a mistake and can't resolve it, then it is simple to "Restore" your site to the previously backed up version that you liked and start over again.  If you proceed and make no mistakes and like the changes, then make another backup!  It's always a good idea to backup different versions and states that you like, appreciate and convey your message.  You can have as many backups as you would like within the last 30 days, after 30days old backups are removed and only the latest saves are stored. We encourage you to make them often especially before and after any big change.

To create a backup:
  • Login to your website
  • From the WIDGETS menu in the upper left select MORE > UTILITIES > BACKUP
  • Assign a name to your backup such as the date and what you intend to edit/update (Example: 6/27/18 changes mission statement). Keep your descriptions short and concise, something you can relate to. 
  • Click 'Back it up' then 'Continue' .. that's it, you've just created a restore point. 

What is "Restore Your Website"?
You can select one of your "Backups" and "Restore" your site to that saved version of your site. It is very important that you backup your site, before you restore a previous version.  If it has been a while since your last backup and you restore without backing up, any work you may have done since that time will be lost forever, unless you made a backup.  If you have a backup, you can proceed with a restore and have no fear.  You can always return to the most recent version and simply pick up where you left off!
To restore to a previously backed up restore point:
  • Login to your website
  • From the WIDGETS menu in the upper left select MORE > UTILITIES > RESTORE
  • Choose a restore point from the list of backups and click 'Restore it' and confirm by clicking 'Yes' in the pop up.
  • That's it, you have just restored your website to an earlier point. 

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