RSS Widget FAQ

FAQ - RSS Widget
What does this widget do?
  • Displays news feeds
What's a news feed?
  • Many news organizations as well as most blogging systems support something called "RSS feeds". These feeds are in an industry standard format that allows the information to be syndicated around the web (that's the fancy way of saying that any website with the ability to display an RSS feed can easily display automatically updated links to the content. For instance, if CNN has a news feed of "top stories" you could easily display the headlines on your website.
How do I find news feeds?
  • The simplest way is to pick the subject you are interested in and just google it. For instance, if I were interested in boating, I might google "boating rss feeds" I just did that and fund several, including this one:
What are a couple fun feeds I can practice with?
  • (word of the day - kind of a fun and handy one)
  • (latest entertainment news)
  • (quote of the day)
I found what I think is an RSS feed, but it isn't working. What do I do?
  • You can contact Talkspot's support department and have us try, but generally .. there is a lot of garbage on the web. It is very common to find feeds that simply don't work or have no data. The best is to just move on and find a different one. If you search for a while you will find virtually every feed you could ever want. There are millions around the web!
Are Atom feeds supported?
  • Yes!
Why do some feeds have pictures and some don't?
  • Everyone who puts a feed onto the web makes their own decision as to what to put in it. We like feeds with pictures and you will find that any Talkspot blog has pictures. But, not everyone thinks like we do.
How do I know if a website or blog has an rss feed?
  • Usually you won't. You'll need to google them. That said .. sometimes you will see this graphic near a blog on a website: The orange color and logo tells you that there is an RSS feed. There is no standard for what happens when you click on it, so you'll need to experiment. If all goes well you'll see a website address, or you'll go to some webpage that displays a newsfeed, and you can then copy that website address and try to enter it on the "add feed" dialog. If you've correctly found a feed it will work, and if not you'll get an error message. We wish we could give you a better answer but RSS feeds are a bit like the "wild untamed west" of websites.
How does fresh content get onto the news feed, or does it stay the same forever?
  • It checks all the feeds that you specify and updates itself automatically every four hours. You don't need to do anything.
What happens when I combine multiple feeds?
  • They are displayed in reverse chronologic sequence.