How do I generate a TripAdvisor widget to be placed on my website? (Tags: 3rd party software)

Do you own a restaurant? A hotel? Or .. any type of service that is reviewed on TripAdvisor?
If so .. we have great news!
TripAdvisor offers a number of "widgets" that can be placed on your website.
These vary according to your business and how long TripAdvisor has been keeping tabs on you. To see what is available, go to this webpage:
Once there, search for your business. If you can't find it - bug TripAdvisor! They should be following you.
For this tutorial, let's search for "goldfinch tavern, seattle, wa" -- that's the restaurant at the Four Seasons in downtown Seattle. The search widget on TripAdvisor isn't very forgiving, so you may need to experiment to find your business listing.
If you found the Goldfinch Tavern, you should see a page that looks like this: (click to see it)
You will see a LOT of different widgets. Any, or all, of these can be added to your website.
To add one to your website, follow this process:
1) Click on the widget that interests you. For example, try clicking on the widget that says "Rated On TripAdvisor". You will go to a page that has a box in the center with a lot of funny looking text. This text is the computer code for generating the "recommended on tripadvisor" box that will appear on your page.
2) Copy/paste all that text, and use the "Add Widget" feature of Talkspot to add a JavaScript Widget to your website. Once it is there, paste all that funny looking text into it, press save, and VOILA!!!!! You have the widget on your site.