Spam sent from your own email account

If you, or someone else, receives an email that is spam, sent from your email address, then one of two things has happened.

1) Someone is "spoofing" your email address. In other words, they are sending spam, but using your email address as the "reply to". This is a standard spammer trick, and easily done. There is absolutely nothing you can do to prevent this. For instance, anyone could easily send an email with Bill Gates (Microsoft) as the sender, and even with all of Microsoft behind him, the email would still go out. This is a major flaw in how email works, and has nothing to do with Talkspot. On the positive side, most email servers are wise to this trick and when they see an email from your website, but with a reply-to email address from another website, the email will instantly be marked as spam. When this happens, it is annoying, but impossible to defend against. The spammers usually stop within a few days. If it keeps happening, alert Talkspot, and we'll work with you to determine where the email is being sent from. Our engineers will need the message header from an email to determine this. Getting a message header is different depending on what email program you are running. If you google "Message Header" and then put the name of your email program (like, Outlook), you'll figure out how to do this.

If you see indications that lots of spam is being sent, then option 2 is the more likely option:

2) Someone has hacked your email account. Many Talkspot users have set up email accounts with passwords like "Password" .. or "12345" .. or "admin". If you do this, hackers will find it easy to hack your email account and use it for sending spam. Our recommendation, if you have a simplistic password is: Change your email password IMMEDIATELY. A great password is one that is complete nonsense, like Aa123XXd, or UIIU3333. If you have a simple password, your email account will be hacked sooner or later.

So... change your password, and let's hope the problem goes away. If not, let us know.