How do I add a culinary menu to my restaurant website?

Create a culinary menu using one of two file formats. Adobe Acrobat PDF is a file format that is used because of its compatibility with various computer systems. That said, a standard HTML webpage is also highly compatible but usually less printer friendly.  Primarily, the first step you will want to take is to generate a document that contains your menu content and then look at putting that content into either an HTML web page or a PDF file.

Create a culinary menu - HTML

To add a culinary menu to your website as a regular HTML page please follow these steps:
  1. While in edit mode click "Add Widget" on the administrative bar at the top
  2. Select the "Text Widget" and click Add Widget
  3. Paste the textual contents of your menu into the Text Widget editor
  4. Format the content afterwards using the Text Widget editor
To use the existing culinary menu that uses an HTML table please follow these steps:
  1. Navigate to the "Menus" page while in editor mode
  2. Hovering over the Text Widget menu click "Edit" on the widget menu
  3. Within the Text Widget editor edit each menu items name column and price column
  4. Click on one of the menu tables and notice it selects the entire table denoted by surrounding boxes
  5. Right click on the table and go to context menu "Row"
  6. See the various commands to "Insert row before", "Insert row after" and "Delete row" all giving you complete control over the contents of the menus

Create a culinary menu - PDF

One option is to put your culinary menu onto the website as a PDF file or set of PDF files.  Whoever created your hard-copy menu would typically also have the ability and software to create a PDF version of your menu.
If you have multiple menus; breakfast, lunch, dinner and wine list -- just upload them as independent files to your website.
You would then use a text widget to put links to the PDF files.
Alternately, you may fax your menu to us and we'll post it on your site for you.
Our fax number is: 425-732-0231

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