6. Posting Photos: Vertical photos displaying horizontally

Photo Orientation Data:
There are some instances that your photos may appear vertically in your image viewer but when you upload them they display horizontally, or rotated 90 degrees. This can be a result of the orientation properties set by the device the photo was originally taken with. 
If you run into this problem, you can follow one of the links provided below to rotate your photos and save them with the new orientation properties prior to posting them. 
    link: lunapic.com
    link: convertimage.net
Important Note: 
Photos taken with digital devices may also contain additional information that you don't want to share, called EXIF data. The Exif tag may be a privacy concern as it contains metadata about the photo taken, such as the geographical location, time of photo, etc... There is a free site you can use to wipe your photos of this data, please visit the link below.
    link: verexif.com