How do I copy a Widget?

To use the same widget in multiple places or on more than one page you must first add the widget to your Favorites. 
Just follow these steps:
  1. From the Widgets Menu in the upper left select FAVORITE
  2. Click the "favorite me" button that appears above the widget you would like to re-use.
  3. Give your widget a name that you will recognize for re-use.
Now that you have saved the widget to your Favorites you can place it on another page. 
  1. Navigate to the page you would like to add the widget to and select ADD form the widgets menu in the upper left. 
  2. Select the drop-zone where you would like to place the widget.
  3. From the widgets manager, click on Favorite Widgets.
  4. Locate the widget you saved from the list and click "add to page", and your widget will be added to the drop-zone you selected in step 2. 
For help moving your widgets just follow this link: How do I move a Widget?

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