What is a Favorite Widget

What is a Favorite Widget and how are they useful?
Favorite Widgets are assigned by you from the Site Editor. This allows you to store widgets, that you have already configured for use later on. 
For Example; lets say you have a Text Widget with your Companies Logo in it on your home page. However, you will be running a promotional banner for a month and the banner will take the place of the Company Logo. In this instance you would be able to store the Text Widget with your Companies Logo in your Favorite Widgets. This way when your promotion is over you can simply go into your Favorite Widgets folder and add your Company Logo back to the home page with a few clicks. 
That's great, but how do I add a widget to my Favorites folder?
Adding a widget to your favorites is easy, simply follow these 3 steps:
  1. Scroll over the Widget you would like to save to reveal the pop up menu
  2. Click the More tab to reveal the drop-down menu
  3. Click 'Add to Favorites' and give your Widget a name 
Outstanding, now how do I access my Favorite Widgets folder?
To view your favorite widgets:
  1. Click on the orange 'Add Widget button at the top of the Site Editor
  2. Select 'Favorite Widgets' from the options displayed - here you will find a list of any widgets you have added to your favorites. Simply click add to page under actions and you will be directed back to the site editor to place your widget in one of the available drop zones. 

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