JavaScript Widget -- Enable / Disable Utility

JavaScript Widget
The JavaScript Widget is a feature meant for use by Power users -- People with an understanding of coding. 
With that being said, the JavaScript widget is virtually limitless in its capabilities, IF, the user knows how to apply the code to get the desired outcome. 
In some instances, however, the code added to a JavaScript widget will be incompatible with the Talkspot Template System and may cause some problems when editing your site. 
No need to worry though, Talkspot has you covered. If for any reason a JavaScript widget breaks the page or limits your ability to log on or edit your page, we have a solution. With this utility, you can disable the JavaScript Widgets on your website while your in editing mode. You can still use the JavaScript widgets and the code will be rendered when you log off of the site editor but when your logged in the code will be disabled so it doesn't interrupt the editing of the rest of your site. 
How to use the Enable / Disable Utility:
  • Sign into your website
  • Paste this utility behind your URL and hit enter /aspx/blob2/admin/blobpg/blobpgEnableJavascriptWidgets.aspx 
    • You will want to directly append your URL (example =
  • Once you have hit enter you will see the option to Enable or Disable your JavaScript
***Note*** if you disable the widget, the code you have entered into your JavaScript widget will still be enabled as soon as you log out of the editor. It's only function is to disable it while you are working in the editor mode to remove any interruptions it may cause.