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Have an old-style blog you want to convert?
We will do the conversion for you, it only takes a few minutes. If you have an old blog you would like the converted, or if you're not sure whether you need a conversion done, please email us at
Have comments on your old Blog that you want to transfer over after the conversion?
You will need to sign up for a Disqus account to bring the comments over. Please follow these instructions.
If you do not have a Disqus account you will need to sign up first, please visit:
For detailed instructions on setting up your Disqus account and connecting it to your blog, please visit:
If you already have a Disqus account, you can go straight into linking it to your blog, like this:
  • Login to your website
  • Go to the Blog Dashboard
  • Select 'Comments Setup' from the menu on the left
    • Choose the option to Connect to Disqus, this should automatically bring you to the log in page for Disqus, if it does not, please follow this link:
    • On the Disqus Site, choose the option: 'I want to install Disqus on my Site'
    • Cut and paste your URL into the field: Website Name. Include the http or https, your URL should be in this format:
Once you have added your website to Disqus you can link them together from the 'Comments Setup'.
Now that your Disqus account is set up and you've linked it to your blog, lets transfer over those comments. Please follow the instructions below:
Follow the prompt that appears after you have linked your Disqus account to your Blog.
Step through the prompts. 
Step 1: Generate the export list.
Step 2: Download the newly created export file. 
Step 3: Follow the instructions link provided.
When asked to 'Select a Forum', if you have multiple sites on your Disqus account, choose the site that houses your blog page. 
Import the Downloaded File. *Note: When you download a file, it helps to select the 'Show in Folder' option so you can easily locate the file for import. This will look differently depending on which browser you are in. 
In Google Chrome, the download bar will appear at the bottom of the screen. Click the up arrow to show the options. 
Select 'Choose File', locate the downloaded file and click 'Upload'. 
You will now see the uploaded file with a progress bar. *Note: if the progress bar doesn't move after a minute or so, click on 'All Imports' and then 'Current' and it should refresh itself. 
Open another tab in your browser and visit your blog page. You should now see your comments displayed on your blog articles. 

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