How to add a site admin and set their login credentials.

  1. Login to your website and go to the site Dashboard
    1. To access the Dashboard, click more from the WIDGETS menu and Select DASHBOARD
  2. Select ACCOUNT
      1. Add a New Administrator
        1. Enter their email address and click ADD
      2. Click SELECT PERMISSIONS next to the admin you just added
        1. Check the boxes next to the permissions you want to grant the user
  3. Once you have added the Website Admin you will need to assign them a password.
    1. Exit out and go back to the Website Editor
    2. From the WIDGETS menu select MORE > UTILITIES > USERS
    3. Search for the user you just added by email (note – you only need to put in the first few letters of their email address)
    4. Click the edit icon to the left of the user
    5. Fill in the PASSWORD fields and click UPDATE at the bottom
That’s it, you have just added an admin and set their login credentials. You can check it by logging out of the site and signing back in with the user credentials you just set up.