Link comment widget to your blog

For a video tutorial with instructions on connecting comments to your blog, Click Here
To link a Comment Widget to your Blog follow these easy steps:
  • Add a Comment Widget to the same page as your Blog, generally directly above or below the Blog Widget.
    • Click on ADD from the Widgets Menu in the upper left.
      • Click "+Add a New Widget HERE!" in the drop-zone of your choice
  • From the Widgets Menu, click on "Show all Widgets..."
    • Then select the Comments Widget, the widget will then be placed in the drop-zone you selected and you will be brought to the Comments Widget Configuration Screen. 
  • From the Comments Widget Configuration Screen select YES on the bottom option; "I see there is a blog widget on this page. Would you like to tie comments to the blog entries?"  
That's it!  Now your Comment Widget is placed and connected to your Blog Widget. 
-Comments posted to individual Blog Articles are tied to the article themselves and will not be displayed on the Blog Home page.
-Any comment posted to the Blog Home Page will be displayed on the Blog Home page and not the articles themselves.
  • To view all comments associated with your Blog click on the Comments Link at the top of your Blog Widget.
For a more advanced comment system you can link your Blog to Disqus.
The benefits include:
  • Comment Moderation
    • Helps Moderators identify trolls, spammers and other troublesome users.
  • Automated Spam Moderation
    • Leveraging machine learning and comment history across millions of sites, Disqus automatically detects and removes spam before it lands on your site.
For instruction on linking your Blog to Disqus, Click Here

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