Want to convert your blog to a book?

Do you have a blog hosted on Talkspot or Boatblogs.com? 
Want to convert it to a book? 
Now, it is easy! 
Simply type in this website address (to your browser) to start the process:
http://YOUR WEBSITE ADDRESS HERE/aspx/blob2/admin/blogs/blogexporter.aspx
For example:
  • You will be asked to select the articles you would like to see. We suggest exporting no more than one to three articles at a time. Word can be very slow and cumbersome for editing large documents.Once you are ready to build your book you can produce pdfs and combine them.
  • For book printing, we have used www.createspace.com and www.lulu.com. There are probably many others who can print your book
  • You'll be asked what size you would like your pictures. All pictures will default to the same size. Once you export your blog entries you can make them larger or smaller on a case by case basis by loading the file you are emailed into Microsoft Word. Personally, we think 320x200 is a good size for producing a book