How to Add Your Talkspot Partner Link to Your Facebook Account

Talkspot Partner Program
To add your partner code to your Facebook account follow these steps:
  1. Go to your Talkspot Partner dashboard, you can access it from the link in the “Talkspot - Reseller information you requested” email you received when you signed up for the program.
  2. From the Dashboard click on the Media Assets tab on the left side menu.
    1. From the Text Only Links code snippet copy just the website address link including your partner number at the end of the link. You don’t need the rest of the snippet, Facebook only accepts the website address.
      1. Example:
  3. Login to Facebook, go to Your Account page, then click on the About tab
  4. Navigate to the Contacts and Basic Info section
  5. Click on Add a website and past in the website address (including your partner ID) you got from the Media Assets tab on your Partner Dashboard. Then save your changes.
  6. Then click back to your Timeline tab and you'll see in the intro block on the left side Facebook has created a link button with the website address and your partner ID. 
  7. You can also create a Timeline post and use the same website address you used in the previous steps. Then add an encouraging message such as "CREATE YOUR OWN WEBSITE, BLOG OR ONLINE STORE" and post it to your timeline. Facebook will create a link and auto-populate  your post with an image of Talkspot's homepage. 
That’s it, you have just added your Talkspot Partner link to your Facebook account. Anyone who clicks on your link will be assigned your partner ID, if the click results in a paid account you will receive 30% of the revenue.
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