How do I create and edit my poll?

The polling system allows you to create complex surveys, with full validation of input, and simple reporting. To create a poll, it is usually best to sketch it on paper first, and then enter it into the computer; one question at a time.  To construct a poll, or a survey, you provide a list of questions.  For each question, you describe the type of response you are seeing. You must do this so that the system knows how large of a text box to display, to allow visitors to your site to respond. Also, this let's the system know what type of validation to do.  Possible responses are:
  • Heading - this allows you to intersperse your survey with section headings.
  • Comment - supplemental information to be used in completing the form Small amount of text - this type of field is appropriate for short text responses such as name, email address, city, etc.
  • A full line of text - for use for longer text fields, such as addresses
  • A large amount of text - for use when a response could span whole paragraphs or more.
  • Number - such as 125, 800, or 124.50
  • Date - for example: 1/15/2004
  • Time - for example: 10:00am
  • Choose one item from a list of options - for instance, yes or no
  • Select as many items as apply - the responder selects 0 or more items from a list of possible options
  • Choose one item from a Dropdown list - the responder is given a list of items from which to make one selection
  • The "Sequence" number is used to establish a sequence for the questions on the poll - You may change the number to be any number positive or negative. Experiment with different values to see how the sequence can allow you to re-order (sort) the questions on the survey. After you add a question that has multiple possible responses, you will be given a chance to say what choices you would like to give persons taking the survey.

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