What is an "Image Widget" and what does it do?

Put simply, the image widget will display only one image and does not allow for anything other than a single image.  For a more complex image placement tool, you can use either the "Text Widget" or the "Gallery Widget".

Image Widget Characteristics:
  • All image widgets display as wide as the docking zone they are within (unless the original image has a width smaller than that of the spot it has been placed within).
  • All image widgets CAN be linked to either another page on your own website, or to any page or document on the Internet.
  • All image widgets have a pop up option, which allows for an attractive framed presentation of the enlarged image.  This can be great for saving space on a page, while still allowing people to see the full image, in all its glory.  Note: An image cannot be linked to another page AND have a pop up.  It is one or the other.
  • You can use the Aviary Image Editor within the Image Widget to size, crop, colorize, add text and watermark your images.

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