About the Money Widget

What is the purpose of the Money Widget?
The Money Widget allows you to collect money for a single product, service, donation or subscription. Each Money Widget placed on your page represents a single product. This is an excellent alternative to the more robust store system if you have need a simple solution. If you have many products, you may want to consider the Shopping Widget.
What types of products are supported?
There are three main types of products supported by this widget:
  1. Buy/Pay Now - use this type to sell a single product or instance of a service (a painting or a single visit from a landscaper). You may configure it to allow the buyer to enter their own amount, or to select from a set of amounts you specify. That would allow you to collect a down-payment, partial payment or allow them to put in any amount they desire.
  2. Donation - use this type to collect money for donation. You may configure it to allow the buyer to enter their own amount, or to select from a set of amounts you specify.
  3. Subscription - use this type to subscribe to a product or service on a recurring (weekly, monthly or yearly) basis (Cheese of the Week Club or a Monthly Rent, for example). Once a subscription is started, payments are automatically processed at the specified time period.Select the appropriate button image type to set the type of purchase.

How do I allow the customer to enter their own amount?
To provide the customer with a selection of amounts to choose from, enter up to four values in the second set of price entry boxes. You may enter one to four values.To provide the customer with the ability to enter their own amount (donations), check the box labeled "Allow customer to enter their own price".

How do I collect the money from the purchase?
You will need to create an account on Paypal and/or Amazon and give TalkSpot the unique, connecting email address. You MUST make sure TalkSpot has the email address used for creating the Payment Provder accounts. Money will then be handled by those payment providers and transferred to your account. At the bottom of the Money Widget configuration page (this page) is a link to the page where you configure your account information, set if you need to collect their shipping address, and set the currency type. Detail information is provided there. If the information is not complete, you will automatically be transferred to this page once you press the Submit button to save your Money Widget information.

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