Why does my site say it's offline?

If you go to your site and see the message that your site is temporarily offline it can mean a couple different things.
  1. Talkspot is moving to a "paid only" business model such that we will no longer be offering free websites.  If your site is free it will be soft deleted in our system on 5/15/2016. Please contact support to resurrect your website if you wish to purchase a subscription.
  2. The most common reason is there is some issue with your subscription to Talkspot.com. Reasons for subscription issues include:
    1. Expired Credit Card
    2. Failed Billing Attempts
    3. End of your Subscription
  3. Terms of Service Violation. See Terms of Service for the full list.
    1. Sending spam emails
    2. Back link site
    3. Illegal Activity
If you need assistance please contact support and we'll be happy to help you out.


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