Attention all Bloggers!

Talkspot just released a new way to share your blog articles, using 7 new pre-formatted email templates! Now you can easily send formatted emails via Otto or your blogging dashboard. 
For Otto instructions on using these templates please reference the Otto Manual from your blogging Dashboard.
To access your Otto Manual:
  • Go to your Blog1 Dashboard
  • Select 'Blog by email' from the left side menu
  • Click on "Find out more, Go to Otto Instructions - Or - you can also email the blogging instructions to yourself from this page
You can also preview and select a template to send out directly from the Blog1 dashboard. 
  • Select 'Share Articles' from the left side menu
  • Click on 'Share' next to the blog article you would like to send out
  • In the far right column click on "Change" to preview and select the email template of your choice. 
  • Once you have chosen a template you have the option of sending it to an individual recipient or all registered users
We encourage you to take a look and see for yourself - it's a great feature and we hope you can have some fun with it.