New Talkspot Blog1 blogging widget launched

Talkspot has created and launched a new blogging system, Blog1. New instance of your blog will now be driven by the Blog1 blogging system.

New Blogging Features

1. You now have a Draft mode so you can edit your articles online and publish them once they are ready.
2. Place active maps within your blog articles.
3. New Social Media Sharing options, visitors can now pin your article to Pinterest or Email a link of you article to someone.
4. Add Vimeo and YouTube videos to your articles.
5. Each article manages the media (Images, Maps and Video) within it. No more file management is needed to organize your blog media we do it for you!
6. Article stats to see how many people have read your articles.
7. Blogging by email has been updated.
Soon we will be helping users convert their old blog widgets into the new Blog1 engine. If you're interested in being one of the first users converted please contact us.