Website Security

Website Security is used to block access to certain pages of your website, or your entire website, from public view. Once you lock pages of your website, they will only be view-able by site admins and  registered guests.
There are three settings to choose from:
  • Open to the public
    • Allows all pages of your website to be view-able by anyone who visits your site.
  • Partially open, partially hidden
    • Allows you to choose which pages you would like to hide from unregistered guests.
  • All pages hidden, except to registered visitors
    • Requires all guests to be registered to your site prior to entering.
You can also control who registers for your site:
  • Approve each visitor individually
    • Allows you to pre-screen who you will allow registration access to your site.
  • Require verification of emails
    • This feature verifies that the email address used is valid by sending the visitor an email verification link, the visitor must for the link prior to being granted access to your website.
***Locking pages from public view will also remove those pages from your sitemap for increased security***